Substantially reduces particulate matter from fireplaces.

Eco Tube Fast Facts

Suitable for small wood fire facilities like open fireplaces, free standing wood stoves, coal stoves, central heating systems fuelled with wood logs, shavings or wood chips below the capacity of 50 kW.

  • Proven and officially tested efficiency of 95%
  • Can easily be fitted on any kind of chimeys
  • Automatically functions and regulates
  • Easy cleaning by chimney sweeper
  • Robust, sturdy and long-lasting

How it Works

Highly efficient in the successful removal of fine dust particulate matter, the EcoTube filter operates on the electrostatic principle as demonstrated in the following diagrams.

Fine dust particles are suspended in the hot exhaust.
The high voltage electrode releases electrons inside the chimney.
The electrones move to the chimney wall driven by the electrostatic forces.
The particulate matter then collects and accumulates inside the inner wall of the chimney and forms larger aggregate flakes. These can then be removed during the annual maintenance.


The chimney updraft is not affected by the operation of the particle separator. For the power supply, a connection cable or an electric outlet (230 V /50Hz AC) are required at the installation site. The electrostatic precipitator is automatically activated by a temperature sensor.


Cleaning the electrostatic filter is easy. During the regular chimney sweeping the separated particulate matter can be removed with a conventional chimney brush. The flexible electrode does not need to be removed during this process.